The Crafts House

Located at 14 Professor's Row, in scenic Medford, Massachusetts, and known officially as the "Anthony House," the Crafts House is 3 stories with a basement, Tufts University housing for 12 co-ed undergraduates (prior to Fall 2007, it was 16). The house is considered "special interest housing," for students interest in arts and crafts. The residents (also known as "Crafties") are fully responsible for staffing and maintaining the Crafts Center, a TCU-funded arts and crafts workspace in the basement of Lewis Hall. The Crafts House is also a food co-op, and Crafties take turns shopping weekly. Sunday through Thursday at 6pm the house hosts a free community dinner, open to anybody who comes by the house (typically dinner is cooked for 15 or so).

First Floor



A small outdoor porch up 3 or so steps. People often hang out here during parties, usually to smoke (smoking is bad for you) or to get some air (often smoky air) or to spill their drinks. There is sometimes a couch out here. There's a really loud doorbell here too, that sometimes goes off due to unknown pressure sources until someone gets annoyed and checks the door. However, the doorbell was fixed by Jonathan Evans Fall 2009 - no more ghosts ringing the doorbell!

Entry Hallway

People like to keep their bikes here, and the fire marshal likes to get pissed that people keep their bikes here. This is also where the mailboxes are, on the window ledge.

Common Room

A large room where dinner is served, parties are partied and house meetings are held (among other activities). Features include:
  • A huge table made of a plywood sheet - Jonathan Evans made a new table leg set Fall 2009 so that it is a little higher and not wobbly at all. (used to be only about 45 cm high, currently with a wobbly base) The underside of the table was painted over Thanksgiving Break in 2009 by Jonathan Evans and Karen Wickert, and looks like a day / night sky - digest your food while laying underneath the table!
  • A piano (that is too broken to be tuned without major repairs - anyone feel like bringing a free one that works?)
  • A sound system and lightshow (currently)
  • Several university-owned couches and sometimes other furniture
  • Tetris on the Ceiling, painted in the Spring of 2009 for a party and just because it looks amazing by Karen, Stephanie, Alana, and Jonathan.

First Floor Bathroom

This bathroom is a "half bath". It commonly gets trashed during parties. In Fall 2008, the sink fell off the wall after a botched repair job by Facilities (they caulked the sink to cardboard, which was not attached to the wall, instead of attaching it directly to the wall), which we told them about in advance but apparently they didn't think it was an issue. It was not replaced until Spring 2009. In Spring 2010 Helen Corless declared this a bomb-free-zone, much to the fire marshal's delight. Also in Spring 2010 the bathroom was wallpapered with LOLcat images for the second half of the semester.


One university owned fridge and often between 2-4 Crafty owned fridges. Most food is collectively owned by all crafties, except food labeled "EAD" (Eat and Die), which individuals will write on special food items in sharpie. In Fall 2008, the fridge started to malfunction. It was repaired in the spring, but Facilities advised us that the fridge was under too much load from our increased food usage. The house is currently in negotiations with ResLife to acquire a second full-size fridge, and has plans to upgrade to an industrial fridge/freezer setup sometime in the future. In Spring 2010, Will Ramsdell and Jonathan Evans made two spice racks to hold our huge, growing set of ethnic spices and made a bread shelf to hold lots of free bread that we get all the time! Now we want to make a second island for the kitchen so that we can hold all our pots and pans without them falling all over the ground, and so that we have more prep space. Hopefully that project will happen soon! Also in 2010, Facilities replaced the oven with a newer, shinier, and all around more deluxe* version!
*i.e. funcional

Room 101 (Double)

As the only room on the floor, 101 offers residents a few benefits (no stairs to climb, except for showers), but perhaps is not as private as some of the other rooms of the house, nor is it particularly quiet. As of 2008-2009, the door to the kitchen from 101 is often left open, and the room is usually filled by Crafties who enjoy the company of others and late-night kitchen wandering.

Second Flooranthony2.gif

Room 201 (Double)

Was briefly a "No Amelia Zone" in 2002. Besides being a room, often acts as a hallway for the residents of room 202. Has glow-in-the-dark paint "stars" on the front face of the ceiling tiles and light panel, and drawings on some of the back faces. An "orange" panel, a plaid panel, and a golden ratio / phi spiral were added in Fall 2009 by Jonathan and Karen.

Room 202 (Double)

Very private room but you have to walk through someone else's room to get in. One of the best rooms in the house for studious Crafties. Has a bunch of miscellaneous painted tiles in the ceiling. In Fall 2011 the back of a university standard wardrobe was removed and placed in front of the door joining 201 to 202. 202 was renamed Narnia.

Room 203 (Single)

Has a mantle for a fireplace that was sealed off after the House Fire. This is a very spacious single.

Second Floor Bathroom

The shower for the entire first and second floor, with a large cabinet with a bunch of shelves for toiletry storage. Even though the third floor bathroom is bigger, this bathroom is the one usually used for group showers since it is a full bath.

Room 204 (Double)

Has a door to 203 which is usually left shut, until 2005 had a view of a lovely patch of trees, now has a view of Sophia Gordon. Has a window opening on to the Fire Escape which can be used as a balcony of sorts.

Room 205 (Second Floor Common Room)

Prior to Fall 2007, this was a generally sought-after room, usually given to a Crafty who has lived in the house the longest. It boasts an impressive balcony-- er, fire escape. At the end of May 2007 Tufts University, due to a mandate by everyone's favorite fire marshall, decreed that this room cannot have be a residence because it opens to the fire escape. The crash bar previously on the door violated the security of the room since theoretically anyone could open the door at any time. So it is now the Second Floor Common Room, also known as the "sex room". It currently houses a couch, the communal printer, and sometimes guests who need a place to sleep over.

Third Flooranthony3.gif

Room 301 (Double)

A large room with a lot of secrets... Many of the ceiling tiles in this room are tie-dye colored on the backside. There are shelves and drawers built into the walls and a walk-in-closet made from some fancy type of wood - cedar. Cedar lined closet. In 2007 this room was re-evaluated to be a double, and the Crafties are currently fighting ResLife in order to get it back to Triple status, and thus get the house back up to 13 residents. Currently has eyes in the windows to give the house a personality to people on the street.

Room 302 (Single)

This room was formerly a closet, but it has a window, and opens on to the bathroom, so it's not so bad, though it's very hard to fit the university regulation twin bed, desk, chair, and dresser in and still have room to move. Tracy Chapman lived in this room ages ago: less famous residents included Aleza (fall 02 & spring 03.) Has a passageway into the attic in the ceiling of the closet. Connects to 301 and 303 through the bathroom.

Third Floor Bathrooms

There are two bathrooms on the third floor: a large one between 302 and 303, and a tiny one off of the stairwell. The small one has loud pipes, but is cozy. It has a secret phrase written above the mirror that can be spied from the toilet. The large bathroom, unlike all the other bathrooms, is usually blocked off during parties.

Room 303 (Crafts House Library / Third Floor Common Room)

Prior to Fall 2007, this was fondly known to its inhabitants as "The Beer Room" because during parties, beer and other beverages are served from garbage cans full of ice out of this room and the adjacent bathroom. Yum. As of May 2007, Tufts University, due to a mandate by everyone's favorite fire marshall, decreed that this room cannot have be a residence because it opens to the fire escape. So it was turned into the Third Floor Common Room, also known as the Crafts House Library. This room, unlike other common rooms, is often used for studying and work. It also has a window onto the fire escape, and a good view of Boston. At some point between 2006 and 2008, the room was re-painted bright orange in violation of University regulations. Perhaps because it just looks so much better that way, the University has not said or done anything about it.

Room 303 Closet (Costume Closet)

The closet of the Third Floor Common Room is now known as the Costume Closet, and houses costume parts and random donated clothing. Crafties and guests often use this closet to piece together last-minute costumes for meetings and parties.

Additional Features of the House

  • Tire Swing
    • The tire swing was put up a long time ago (when?). At some point between 2007-2008, the tire fell off. In Fall 2008, a group of Crafties headed by Jon decided to fix the swing. At Thanksgiving, an alum brought us a new (old) tire, and using new steel cable and hardware, the swing was restored to glory! It serves as an attraction to the house, as well as entertainment when Crafties watch random students ride the swing drunk - or sober.
  • Anarchy Room
    • The Anarchy Room is the only room in the basement with a finished floor. From Fall 2007 to Fall 2008, the Anarchy room hosted Anarchy Swing, a free dance lesson group run by Alana Epstein. From Fall 2008 on, the room has been used for band practices and as a recording studio. It currently houses all the house music gear, and sometimes other people's music gear. Thursday night poetry readings, started Spring 2010 by Felipe, are going strong in there or in the first floor common room!
  • Basement
    • The basement of the Crafts House is broken up into four rooms: the Anarchy room, the laundry room (capitalist room), the fire room, and the rear storage room.
    • The laundry room houses the washer and dryer, the back door, and various other random junk. Bikes are often stored here because of easy access to the back door.
    • The fire room and the rear storage room are usually filled with random junk. In Fall 2008, the Fire Marshall had Facilities clear out most of the junk from the Fire Room, but left an old waffle maker and a pair of panties behind. This room is generally used for storage of junk, bikes, and bulk food.
    • Locking storage cabinets were brought in by Facilities Fall 2009. We now use some of these as pantries for onions, potatoes, canned goods, oil, spices, pasta boxes, and all of the awesome quantities of food that we get in bulk from Costco. Life is good.
    • In Spring 2010, the fire marshal found an "electric kiln." The crafties were then alerted to this kiln, much to their surprise. It was a defunct fridge that had been used as a metal box.
  • Secret Passageways
    • Room 302 has a secret passageway into the attic through the closet ceiling.
  • Secret Ceiling Tiles
    • Several rooms feature ceiling tiles that have the reverse sides painted. Known rooms include 301, 201, 202, 101, and the first floor common room.

Taken from Tufts Digital Library, tufts:central:dca:UA069:UA069.005.DO.00001
Anthony House, 1895
Anthony House, located at 14 Professors Row, was built by Professor Gardner C. Anthony, dean of the engineering school, in 1895.He resided there with his family until his retirement in 1927, at which time the house was purchased by the college.
Beginning in 1928, Dean Frank C. Wren and his family occupied the house for ten years, until 1938, when it was transformed into a dormitory for Jackson College students. It was refurbished and decorated under the guidance of Mrs. Pearl Carmichael, wife of President Leonard Carmichael and was occupied by sixteen freshman and a resident house mistress.
In 1955, Charles E. Stearns, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and professor of Geology resided in Anthony House for a brief period of time before returning to his own home in Billerica. It returned to being a women's dormitory until 1969, when it was restructured into a creative arts freshman house.
Spring of 1978 Donna Costa and a group of other freshman gathered interest in a special interest housing and submitted the application. Fall 1979 was the first official semester of the Crafts House at 14 Professor's Row.
As of 2007, Anthony House is still the home of the Crafts House, an on-campus coeducational cooperative living environment which sponsors crafts-related programming for its residents and the entire Tufts community.